May 13-15: Fountainhead Tanz Théâtre presents the 31st Black International Cinema Berlin Festival

From May 13 –15, Fountainhead Tanz Théâtre will be presenting the 31st Black International Cinema Berlin festival. This annual transdisciplinary and transcultural film and video festival introduces artistic, cultural, and political perspectives from Africa, the African Diaspora, and a larger community of people with an interest in transcultural communication and learning as well as the sharing  of educational, social, artistic, and economic resources. Among this year’s contributions are short films about the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, a documentary about a girl from Uganda visiting Germany, and a portrait of Ralph Bunche, the first Black person to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

For more information and a detailed program, click here.

Dates:        May 13-15

Venue:        Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte

Greifswalder Straße 4
10405 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berlin

 Free admission


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