Registration for your Fall 2016 Courses Starts this Coming Monday, April 11

All students register for courses using Albert (NYU’s Student Information System). Albert can be accessed through NYU Home, or by going directly to Please refer to the “Enrollment Dates” section on Albert and click the “details” link to view your exact Registration Appointment dates and times.

Keep in mind the different time zones and please inform your professors if your registration time conflicts with class commitments. It is best to get in touch with your home school advisor as early as possible to clarify any questions you may have about your class selections. Also check for any holds that may prevent you from registering (see Albert’s Student Center – click “Details” in the “Holds” section to see contact and resolution information). If you have any questions, come to the Academic Life office and speak with Roland or e-mail him at


Academic Deadlines: Friday, April 8 – Last Day to Withdraw from a Course and to Declare Pass/Fail option.

Please note that Friday, April 8, is the last day to withdraw from a course (with a “W” on your transcript) and to declare Pass/Fail for a course. If you have any questions, please get in touch with Roland (

Reminder: Ebills Due January 6

If you have not yet paid your ebill, please take the necessary steps to do so by the January 6th deadline.  As a reminder, ebills were sent to your NYU email address ONLY.  You can also access your ebill as follows:

  • Log into NYU Home (
  • Click on the Academics tab, then click on Albert Login
  • Click on the “Student Center”
  • Click on the “View Bursar Account” link located under the Finances menu
  • This should link to the secure eSuite website

Past Due Deadlines

The following items are required of all students attending NYU Berlin Spring 2016 and are now PAST DUE.  Please click on the links below for more information.

Pre-Departure Orientation Recap

Thank you to those who attended the pre-departure orientation! There were some great questions and discussions with the Global Ambassadors.

For those of you who could not attend the in-person session, we missed you, but don’t despair. While there is no way we can replicate the orientation, you can view a version of the presentation here: NYU Berlin Pre-Departure Orientation Spring 2016.

Please ensure to read through the presentation in its entirety as I will be sending you a mandatory quiz to test your knowledge and make sure you know the essential information!  I will email you with more details next week.

I will also be available to go through the presentation and follow up questions on Wednesday, December 9th from 5-6 pm in Meyer Building, Room 102 in NYC. If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at I am available to chat in NY, and am also happy to set up a time to Skype with anyone who is currently not in the area.

There were great stories from former students and excellent discussions amongst ourselves during the in-person session. If you have questions and you’d like to be put in touch with an NYU Berlin alum, email

Some key points to remember from the orientation:

  • Tisch Professional Track Students: Remember that this information mostly applies to you, but check the “What’s Different” document to be sure you know
  • On-site orientation is Mandatory! All students must arrive on January 25.
  • All class attendance and course related field trips are mandatory.  Do not book personal travel until you have arrived and confirmed your syllabi.
  • Please note that housing is ONLY available during the dates of the program, January 25–May 21!
  • Bring all the prescription drugs you will need for your entire stay. Make sure you talk to your doctor about getting a prescription for any medication you take regularly for the full 4 months. Do NOT ship medication overseas.

NYU ID Cards

Getting your NYU student ID, known around campus as your NYUCard, is now easier than ever.

First-time card holders: visit to submit a photo online and, once approved by the NYUCard Center team, have your NYUCard created. Visiting students, please submit a photo ASAP so it can be processed and sent to your study away site ahead of your arrival.  This must be completed by Tuesday, December 15.

Note:  If you receive an automated message after submission instructing you to pick your card up at the ID Center, please disregard.  Your ID will be sent directly to NYU Berlin.

Current and returning students:  Please remember to bring your NYU ID card with you to your study away site! Apply for and pick up a replacement card if you need one by visiting the NYUCard Center or respective campus location, depending on your school. For details, please click here.

Ebills Generated

The NYU Bursar has started sending ebills for the spring semester via email. Please keep an eye on your NYU email account for your NYU Berlin bill. These will be due by January 6, 2016.

If you received a scholarship from our office, these have been applied on your account already.  However, if financial aid money from your school is going to transfer to NYU and/or your school pays on your behalf, it is ok if these anticipated payments arrive after the bill becomes due. Only the portion of the bill that you are personally responsible for paying directly to NYU must arrive by the due date.

For costs, please see here.  Remember, your housing charge will be a “placeholder,” until we place students in their final housing assignment; the initial charge may differ from the final housing charge. Once the actual housing placement has been made, the E-bill is adjusted, resulting in either a credit or an additional charge if necessary. The final charge will appear on your E-bill within 2-3 weeks following the start of the program.

Note: you can make your parents an “authorized user” of your e-bill account, if payments are typically made by them. For instructions on how to set this up, please see here. Questions about the e-billing process? Check out the FAQs on the Bursar’s website.

Study Away Confirmation Portal Due Tomorrow, November 20

Throughout the past few weeks you have received information and access to the Study Away Confirmation Portal.  This is a final reminder that your housing application, required forms, and housing reservation payment) are due tomorrow, November 20.

Please ensure to meet this deadline so local staff can begin making assignments and preparing for your arrival.  You will be notified of your housing assignment approximately 1.5 weeks before your arrival in Berlin.

Additionally, please note that the portal also has a section for you to input your travel details.  These are due by December 1 (only the housing portion closes November 20 – you can log back in to submit travel details if you don’t have them yet).  This is critical so site staff are aware of when you intend to arrive and can keep an eye on any delays that may occur.  Later in the semester we will also ask you to submit flight details in NYU Traveler, which is shared directly with NYU Public Safety (instructions to come).  Please be aware that submitting in both places is necessary so all parties are aware.

Study Away Confirmation Portal Available

If you have confirmed your place in the program, you are now eligible to log in and submit your required forms through the Study Away Confirmation Portal!  You will login using your NYU netID and NYUHome password.

This portal will allow you to confirm personal information, sign off on necessary agreements, and submit your travel details so site staff can prepare for your arrival. You will also find the Study Away Housing application which will allow you to submit your housing preferences, search eligible roommates, view their lifestyle profiles, message one another, and request roommates. Please read the information thoroughly and submit your answers carefully so that we can best meet your needs.

You will need to have access to your passport, emergency contact information, and a 2×2 photo to complete these forms.

Students who haven’t yet confirmed their participation by submitting the reservation fee will not have access to this portal until their place is confirmed and their fee has been processed.

All sections of the portal will be due by November 20 (please note it is not first-come, first-serve).  Your Housing Reservation Payment is due at this time as well.

Study Away Confirmation Portal Coming Soon

The Study Away Confirmation Portal is coming soon! This is where you will list your housing preferences, complete your housing application, sign off on the travel release and housing agreement forms, and submit other important information. This form will contain details about the different housing options, including costs, and will be due back to us by November 20.

Additional details for accessing the portal will be made available is next week’s blog.

For now, you can view information about housing here – but please note that locations & costs are subject to change until the finalized info is sent out in the Portal. Living in NYU provided housing is a mandatory part of program enrollment.