Important Security Advice for Your Upcoming Spring Break Travels

Hello Travelers,

As you know, there were several explosions on Tuesday morning in Brussels, which led to the closing of both the airport and the subway system. With many of you either traveling or planning to travel, we wanted to make sure you were aware of these incidents and share some important guidelines for you to follow.

  1. Be aware of your surroundings at all times, particularly when traveling to areas that tend to attract large numbers of tourists. If something feels unsafe, trust your instincts and move to a location that feels safer.
  2. Please make sure that you notify your local Student Life team of any planned travels, as well as register your trip in NYU Traveler. In an emergency, these steps enable us to connect with you more quickly.
  3. If your personal travel plans were taking you to Brussels over the next few days, please consult with us to discuss your trip and potentially identify alternatives.
  4. If you have an itinerary that has you connecting through Brussels, please contact your airline or railway as soon as possible to try to identify an alternate route. You should anticipate widespread flight delays and cancellations.
  5. Carry a charged mobile phone with you at all times and ensure that we have your local phone number.
  6. Check in often with your friends and family while traveling to let them know you are safe.
  7. Should you need assistance at any time, the NYU Public Safety Command Center operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be reached by calling +1.212.998.2222.
  8. If your personal travel plans were taking you to Brussels over the next few days, please consult with us to discuss your trip and potentially identify alternatives.

This week’s attacks in both Istanbul and Brussels, and the US State Department’s update to its existing Worldwide Caution Message earlier this month unfortunately serve as strong reminders to all of us about the need to heighten our security awareness.

We know you join us in sending our thoughts and condolences to the people of Brussels and Istanbul, and please know that your health and safety is always at the forefront of our minds.



TODAY: Join the Smart Travel Workshop in Room “Prenzlauer Berg” from 1:45-2:45PM!

Join Britta, Daire, and Anne today at 1:45PM to learn about safe, fun, and low-cost travel during your semester abroad. We will introduce you to interesting destinations around Berlin, help plan day trips and weekend trips in Germany, and advise on how to get around in Europe – all the while remembering that sometimes less is more.

See you in room “Prenzlauer Berg” today at 1:45PM. A light snack will be provided!

Upcoming Fire Drill – Please Review the Fire Safety Guide for NYU Berlin!

Liebe Bewohner der Charlottenstraße 96-97,

All of you were required to read through the Fire Safety Guide for NYU Berlin as shared by Miriam on 7 January. We strongly encourage you to review this important document by 8 February  if you haven’t had a chance yet or feel you need a refresher. Please do not hesitate to approach your Residential Life team, should you have any questions.
Reading the Fire Safety Guide will prepare you for an actual fire drill, which will take place at the Residence in the next couple of weeks. Please take this drill very seriously and evacuate when the fire alarm sounds. Your ResLife team will teach you how to exit the building safely and quickly and review important guidelines with you. Please note that residents who do not leave during a fire alarm may be subject to disciplinary action.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Your ResLife Team


Please Share with Us Your (Active) Phone Number!

As mentioned during our Student Life and Wellness Orientation, we kindly request that you communicate to us the phone number you will be using while in Berlin. This can be a German or an international number as long as it is active. Please have your phones switched on at all times so that we are able to reach you in case of an emergency or for last-minute communication, e.g. during excursions and trips or for doctor’s appointments.

If you haven’t done so yet, please send Britta an e-mail ( to share your active phone number.