Invitation: Join us at the End-of-Semester Festivities on Friday, May 20, and Celebrate a Successful Spring 2016 Semester!

Lasst uns feiern!
Join us on Friday, May 20, for a the presentations of student projects at the Academic Center and at Frannz Club, followed by a festive dinner at Frannz Restaurant. We look forward to celebrating with you an exciting and successful semester.


May 20, 2016  – End-of-Semester Dinner & Festivities

4:00pm: No Stone Unturned” – Presentation of Student Projects in Photography & Reception at the Academic Center

5:00pm: “… and beyond!” – Presentation of Student Projects in Actor Training at Frannz Club

6:15pm: Celebration of our Graduating Seniors
6:30pm: Festive Dinner at Frannz Restaurant

Kino an frischer Luft – Open Air Cinema in Berlin!

In the midst of studying for finals this weekend, take a break and enjoy one of the delights of warm spring and summer evenings in Berlin: the Freiluftkinos, or open-air cinemas. There are Freiluftkinos dotted in parks around the city, with one in almost every district. Two of the most popular ones on our side of town are the Freiluftkino Kreuzberg at the Kunstquartier Bethanien and the Freiluftkino Friedrichshain in Volkspark Friedrichshain. Both Freiluftkinos will be beginning with nightly screenings this week.

 Check here for the program for the cinema in Kreuzberg and here for the cinema in Friedrichshain. Tickets cost 7 EUR. And don’t forget to check if the screening is in English (this will often be noted in the program as “engl.m.dt.Ut” or “OmU”, or in German as “dt.m.engl.Ut”!

Visit the Gardens of the World / Besuchen Sie die Gärten der Welt!

Are you feeling up for a trip around the world before the end of the semester? Then take a break from cramming for exams and head over to the Gärten der Welt (Gardens of the World). In this extensive park, you can stroll through an oriental garden, chill in a Korean garden, or get even lost in a labyrinth. Enjoy the sun and relax!


Entrance at Eisenacher Straße 99: Take the S7 to Marzahn and then take bus 195 to Gärten der Welt.

Admission: 5€

May 13-15: Fountainhead Tanz Théâtre presents the 31st Black International Cinema Berlin Festival

From May 13 –15, Fountainhead Tanz Théâtre will be presenting the 31st Black International Cinema Berlin festival. This annual transdisciplinary and transcultural film and video festival introduces artistic, cultural, and political perspectives from Africa, the African Diaspora, and a larger community of people with an interest in transcultural communication and learning as well as the sharing  of educational, social, artistic, and economic resources. Among this year’s contributions are short films about the Ebola crisis in Sierra Leone, a documentary about a girl from Uganda visiting Germany, and a portrait of Ralph Bunche, the first Black person to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

For more information and a detailed program, click here.

Dates:        May 13-15

Venue:        Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte

Greifswalder Straße 4
10405 Berlin/Prenzlauer Berlin

 Free admission

“Karneval der Kulturen”: Kreuzberg invites You to yet another Street Festival

On the weekend of Pentecost every year, Kreuzberg comes out in full color with the “Karneval der Kulturen” celebration. Since the mid-1960s, Berlin’s growing multiculturalism has been celebrated through these four days of open-air music, dancing, and parading. The main parade, with 73 national groups participating, will take place on Sunday, starting from Hermannplatz at 12:30pm, and then heading in the direction of Yorckstrasse.

For the celebration closest to the residence—the Eurasian stage—head to Blücherplatz. For the full program, see here.

Please note that due to the size of the event, festival organizers advise against riding bicycles into the central areas of the festival. It is also likely that U-Bahn stations on the U7 and U8 will be closed during peak hours to avoid overcrowding.

Join the Transitions Workshop with Sara and Linn on Tuesday, May 10, 1:45pm-3:00pm, and explore how you feel about your very special journey of the last fourth months!

Join Linn and Sara for a lunchtime workshop on Transitions and a conversation about the best ways to say “Auf Wiedersehen” to Berlin! How are you feeling about your departure, reunion with your family and friends, your plans for the summer break, and about finding your place in a familiar, changed, or completely new place? What are you looking forward to? What do you imagine are your resources (academic and emotional) at your next destination?

Explore how you feel about your very special journey of the last fourth months and reflect upon what you have acquired and accomplished during your time in Berlin. We will also talk about assorted challenges you might experience as part of your cultural, academic, and emotional transitions and practice strategies for self-care, reflection, and mindfulness. We will meet in room “Prenzlauer Berg” on Tuesday, May 10, at 1:45pm. A light lunch will be served to all participants. Bis bald, wir freuen uns auf Sie! 

See the Best Theater Productions from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland in Berlin at the Famous Theatertreffen!

This Friday, May 6, marks the beginning of the annual Theatertreffen (The Meeting of Theaters) at Haus der Berliner Festspiele. Since 1964, the ten best German language productions of the past season are being invited to showcase their work in Berlin each year, which gives you a great opportunity to see theater from all over Europe and the world without having to travel! This year, Berlin will be welcoming productions from Hamburg, Munich, Zurich, Vienna, and other cities. There will also be a festival celebration of the DADA-movement and its 100th anniversary, as well as the event “Stückemarkt”, which gives young playwrights the chance to present their work. Additionally, the International Forum has invited 38 artists from over 22 countries to showcase their work, participate in workshops and engage in discussions. While some of the performances are being held at various theaters in the city, Haus der Berliner Festspiele will be the focal point of the festival. So if you would like to mingle with theater professionals and theater enthusiasts alike, enjoy the festival spirit under the magnolia trees in Berlin Wilmersdorf.

Theatertreffen runs from May 6 through May 22. Tickets are available online now or at the box office. You can obtain discounted student tickets at the evening box office.

Crafts Markets in Neukölln and Wedding

With the weather finally becoming warm and sunny, Berlin’s creative scene is organizing craft markets in different areas of the city to showcase their products. Take advantage of the nice weather and stroll along the stalls of the Nowkoelln Flowmarkt at Maybachufer or venture a bit further north to reach Weddingmarkt, get some snacks, buy a souvenir, and just take in the atmosphere.


When and where?

Nowkoelln Flowmarkt

May 810am – 5pm




May 8: 11am – 7pm

Nordufer, between Torf- und Samoastraße,

U9 Amrumer Straße

Recommended Exhibition: “Alles nach Plan? Formgestaltung in der DDR” at the Kulturbrauerei

The aesthetics of the GDR are a point of enduring fascination. Viewed today as socialist kitsch, objects and consumer products in East Germany were subject to the same level of planning as the rest of the economy. While state control of design and centralized production gave off an appearance of visual uniformity, that uniformity masked the competing ideas and constraints that shaped the material life of East Germans. Uncovering those influences and constraints is the focus of a special exhibition at the Museum in der Kulturbrauerei, curated by the Haus der Geschichte.

The exhibition “Alles nach Plan? Formgestaltung in der DDR” is on now in the Museum in der Kulturbrauerei, right around the corner from the AC. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday, from 10am to 6pm. Entrance is free.

Gallery Weekend 2016, April 29-May 1

For the art-world-inclined, Gallery Weekend is one of the highlights of the year. In recent years, the event has grown to include dozens of galleries which open their doors to admirers of contemporary art. The participating galleries are fairly evenly dispersed throughout the city, with a few areas of high concentration. About a dozen are even located within walking distance of the residence—use this handy map (PDF) to find them.
While a few special events will take place beginning on Wednesday, the actual visiting times will run from 6 to 9pm on Friday, and from 11am to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday.