NYU Berlin Podcast #2: Ich bin ein Berliner – NYU Berlin Unplugged I by Georgina Hahn-Griffith & Laura Waltje

Ever wonder what kind of talents lay hidden at NYU Berlin? At the NYU Berlin Open Mic Night a few weeks ago members of the community shared some of their amazing talents. Listen to Terry and Georgie as they share some of the evening’s highlights and tell you what they love about the openness and intimacy of the NYU Berlin community. Enjoy/ Viel Spaß!


NYU Berlin Podcast #1: Ich bin ein Berliner – Berlin Ohne Dusche, by Laura Waltje & Georgina Hahn-Griffith I with Elke Brüns & Antje Rebecchi

Student initiatives at NYU Berlin capture and further contribute to the city’s  profound commitment to cultural understanding, constructive reflection, and creativity. “Ich bin ein Berliner” is a podcast series by Georgina and Laura that introduces you to some of Berlin’s captivating narratives and special voices. The first episode features NYU Berlin’s very own Elke Brüns and Antje Rebecchi. Enjoy!


NYU Portraits 2016 Casting Call – Apply Now!

portrait callThe NYU Division of Student Affairs invites you to participate in an active casting call for students and recent graduates who are interested in performing/participating individually or as a group for NYU Portraits during this year’s Welcome Week.

NYU Portraits, is the University’s marquee Welcome Week diversity program that aims to provide a vibrant and colorful evening where diverse NYU and world experiences are brought to stage in a creative platform to examine our understanding of self and others, invigorate a passion for engaging across difference, the importance of getting involved in social justice based activities, and the importance of service to our community. This event is a campus tradition that utilizes an innovative approach to highlighting the importance of diversity as an enriching and transformative experience for our incoming students. (5600+ incoming students projected for Fall 2016).

NYU Portraits centers the compounded lens of racial, ethnic, national, gender, sexual, (dis)ability, and other diversities to discuss issues of access and inclusion in our institution from a variety of perspectives. This year’s repertoire will pay attention to students’ experiences in and beyond the classroom, emphasizing the student experience at NYU. Positive and not-so-positive experiences will be equally valued, for our experiences regarding institutional access and representation are as multifaceted as we are.

Note: You need not have a concrete production sketched out at the time you express interest by submitting your Google Form; you are encouraged to collaborate with the Portrait performances team when you are conceptualizing your performance!

For more information, and to see past Portraits performances, please visit http://bit.ly/1li4YpS

Submission Instructions

• The priority deadline to submit your statement of interest is May 9th.
• You must be available to perform from Tuesday August 30th 2016 to Friday September 2nd 2016.
• Rehearsals begin the week of August 22nd 2016 and a retreat will take place in early or mid June. The rehearsals and retreat are both MANDATORY.
• Keep in mind that individual performers will be allotted a performance of up to 5 minutes each. Group performers will be allotted more time.

Additional questions? Email Aron at bt750@nyu.edu, or call +1.212.998.4350.

Leadership Opportunity: Apply to the Diversity Abroad Campus Fellows Program by May 13, 2016!

While Diversity Abroad is not affiliated with NYU, the organization is looking for outstanding study abroad alumni to apply for the Campus Fellows Program. This is a great professional opportunity for students to represent Diversity Abroad on their campus in an effort to increase the number of diverse and underrepresented students pursuing study, volunteer, or internships abroad. The fellowship program has been conceptualized to empower emerging scholars to utilize their international experiences in a professional, creative, and engaging way and to get new students excited about international opportunities and Diversity Abroad through peer-to-peer connections. 
If you share Diversity Abroad’s vision and think you might be a good match for the fellowship program, please click here to learn more. The application deadline is Friday, May 13th.

Community Fun: Join Your Ambassadors Meizhi and Bobby for a Karaoke/Lip Sync Night on Thursday, 28th April, 8:00pm – 9:30pm and a Sports Picnic on May 5, 2:00-4:00pm!

Your Site Ambassadors Meizhi and Bobby invite you to join them for

Karaoke Night at the Residence on Thursday, April 28:

“It doesn’t matter if you can sing or not. Come join us from 8:00pm to 9:30pm for a time of singing or lip syncing! Click here for the track list.

A Day Under the Sun on Thursday, May 5:

“Ready to SPRING into action? Or just want to laze about in the sun? Either way, come join us on the 5th of May, Thursday, from 2-4pm at Tempelhof Field. Activities include: Fußball (soccer), frisbee, and a potluck picnic. Bring some food to share, a ball to kick around, and mats! We are meeting at Le CroBag at Tempelhof U-Bahn Station at 1.45pm and then heading over. If you have any questions, feel free to email ng.meizhi@nyu.edu.”

Global Student Dialogue on Europe’s Migration Crisis: Join the Live Stream on Friday, April 22, 8AM-12PM EST!

Global_Student_Dialogue (1)Join the Global Student Dialogue on Europe’s Migration Crisis, one of the most urgent policy challenges of our time. The three panels of the conference will bring students from NYU sites around the world together to look at the overall structure of the migration crisis; the responses of national governments, the European Union, and international organizations to the crisis; and analyze the different impacts of the migration crisis on society and culture including public opinion, the media and the arts. For more information, click here.

Join the live stream on Friday, April 22. Former NYU Berlin student Harris Mateen will be chairing the panel discussing “Responses to the Crisis.”

Berlin Careers in April: A.F.H. – The Culture Writers Agency

Have you fallen in love with Berlin and began thinking about staying longer or returning to the city after graduation? You are not alone. A number of former NYU Berlin students have moved to Berlin or visiting the city on a regular basis as part of research or job related travel. Beginning this April, we will highlight some of the inspiring and successful projects our Berliners at Heart are pursuing under the category “Berlin Careers.”

A.F.H. – The Culture Writers Agency was founded by a former NYU Berlin professor and two former students. The writers edit, author, and ghostwrite texts in the areas of art, fashion, film, and design. They help artists to bring across the stories behind their works and to reach an international audience and the media. In addition, they also provide consultancy services to members of the creative scene.

The writers hold degrees from renowned universities, e.g. NYU, La Sorbonne, Oxford University, or Yale. Their texts have appeared in widely read online and print publications such as The New York Times, Vogue, Artnet.com, or The Wallstreet Journal.

Information Session on Refugee Support Initiatives with our Partners at Unionhilfswerk on Friday, April 8 & the Hutto Project, a Children’s Choir looking for Volunteers

Information Session with Unionhilfswerk at Welcome Center in Berlin Rahnsdorf on Friday, April 8.

Some of you have inquired about ways to support the many refugees arriving in Berlin every day. As announced in our February post, we will co-host an information session with our partners at Unionhilfswerk to discuss our initiatives so far and ways for you to make concrete contributions.

We invite all members of the community – students, staff, and faculty – to join us on Friday, April 8, at 1:00PM,  for a visit at the welcome center in Rahnsdorf, Fürstenwalder Allee 364, 12589 Berlin-Köpenick (Rahnsdorf). An experienced social worker will provide an overview of the current situation and describe ways to make concrete and useful contributions.

If you are interested in joining us, please e-mail Linn at linn.friedrichs@nyu.edu. Since the center is outside of the city center, we will leave from the Student Residence at 11:30AM.


Join the Hutto Project

We would also like to invite interested students to join the The Hutto Project. Kate Eberstadt, a fellow at the American Academy, and fellow volunteers have assembled a children’s choir within one of the smaller emergency refugee camps in Berlin. The group consists of children between the ages of 3 and 15, coming from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Moldova, and Palestine. These children are not enrolled in school, and are all living in a single gymnasium with 200 others.

Together, they are creating an original choral work, unique to their group, which will be performed to the public this Spring. The group has been rehearsing for three weeks, exploring basic music theory, dance, and movement. They also invite artists of other artistic disciplines to teach guest workshops to the children, in order to give them as many creative outlets as possible. The group generally rehearses Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2-4 at the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Kranzer 6-7. As a volunteer you would help us run rehearsals, i.e. setting up the room, participating in the activities, distributing snack, conflict resolution, etc. If you are interested in participating, please e-mail Linn at linn.friedrichs@nyu.edu.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! – The Winners of the NYU Berlin Culture Brewery Prize 2016

This past Tuesday, March 22, the exhibition “The Guest as Host” opened at Deutsches Haus at NYU in New York. As part of this project, the exhibition jury awarded the “NYU Berlin Culture Brewery Prize 2016,” which rewards the winner(s) with $1,000 intended for a trip to Berlin or New York.

Sabrina and Dovile (UdK, University of the Arts Berlin), who implemented the concept of “The Guest as Host” and the ethic of hospitality in their work “Clean, charming, and stylish apartment”, are the winners of the 2016 NYU Berlin Culture Brewery Prize. Hamda and Emily won second place with their work “Long Distance Friendship: Hamda and Emily Forever” and will both receive the catalogue Berlinische Galerie. Museum für Moderne Kunst.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch allen Gewinnern!